Russian Standard Vodka: Russian Facebook Roulette

Here is a great little concept for Russian Standard Vodka by a few students from the Miami Ad School in Europe, it’s completely fake of course, but conceptually very cool, and all from the next generation of industry creatives prepared to push the boundaries, which is exciting to see.

The Russian “Facebook” Roulette App is pretty much the real thing, only you aren’t playing for your life, just your virtual one, arguably almost as valuable to some people these days! The app lets you connect with 4 friends, who each hit the “spin” button to initiate their turn, before hitting “fire” hoping to avoid the bullet and deletion of their Facebook profile, everyone who survives enters the draw to win an all expenses trip to experience Russia for themselves… Shame about the Facebook TOS!

Congratulations to Ilya Malyanov and Christian Feist for producing this piece of work.

Source: Digital Buzz Blog

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