Trojan Wrapped up Emcee Contest Magnum ‘Live Large’ Project 2

After more than 200,000 YouTube votes, four regional contests and plenty of Magnum-sized rhymes, the makers of Trojan Brand Condoms and GRAMMY-winning entertainer Ludacris have announced the five winners of the Magnum ‘Live Large’ Project 2. The emcees, voted in by users on YouTube, performed live on stage alongside Ludacris in front of 20,000 fans at Miami’s Spring Fest music festival on May 29.

Rappers Marv Won from Detroit, PH from Brooklyn, N.Y., LMS from Miami, Prince EA of St. Louis and Dirtbag Dan from San Jose, Calif., topped a talented field of nearly 1,800 emcees  were crowned this year’s champions. The project gave emerging musicians the opportunity to show the world how they exude the Magnum ‘live large’ lifestyle every day by taking care of business, pleasure, their partner and themselves.

The makers of Magnum Condoms hit the road this spring, hosting emcee competitions in Detroit, San Francisco, New Yorkand Miami, calling on aspiring rappers to come out and compete. The artists competed in live freestyle battles, where the top three rappers from each city were selected to appear on YouTube for a national vote to uncover the top rapper in each region.

Emcees that could not make it to the live events were invited to enter via the Magnum at-large YouTube contest, where they could download sample tracks to create a video performing a song that embodied the brand’s ‘live large’ lifestyle. Of the nearly 1,800 YouTube entries, fans online voted Prince EA to the top of the list.

These artists are incredibly talented, creative and really do stand out from the pack,” said Bruce Tetreault, Trojan Group Product Manager. “They’ve all stayed authentic to who they are, and truly live up to the Magnum gold standard.”


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