McDonald’s In the Process of $1-Billion+ Makeover

Following Burger King and other food service industry rivals, McDonald’s is getting a makeover for the first time in its 56-year history with the aim to get a contemporary look and lure in customers of more age categories, USAToday reports. The results of McMakeover can already be seen in several brand’s locations in Tampa, Florida. However, this is just a small piece of $1 billion-plus plan McDonald’s has in mind as it intends to renovate 14,000 restaurants across the United States by 2015.


Speaking of the renovation itself, the brand is saying good-bye to what is considered a classic McDonald’s look by changing both interior and exterior of a location.

As far as the restaurant exterior looks are concerned, McDonald’s is replacing its traditional bright red rooftops with darker, flatter and more conventional ones. The bright yellows and reds are giving way to muted, calmer colors, which is likely to appeal to grown-up audience. However, red and yellow are still used on some interior elements so that visitors will remember they’re staying in McDonald’s. To keep up with the growing demand, many locations are getting the second drive-through.


As for the interior of the restaurant, it’s getting more Starbucks-like, as puts it. Muted wall colors, metal stools are replaced with wooden and faux-leather chairs.


What’s more important, McDonald’s is dividing its dining areas to transform its interior space from a chaotic sea of tables and stools into a harmonically organized space consisting of several dining zones and booths to give a little privacy for the visitors who need to drink coffee and browse the Internet on their own. As any other modern-day restoraunt, McDonald’s offers free Wi-Fi and entertains visitors with music played from big flat-screen TVs.

While no exact figures have been announced to date to make any conclusions on the success of this undertaking, the customers are quite happy with the new looks of the restoraunt and admit McDonald’s looks cozier now. The question is, should the current McMakeover prove to be a success, will the brand take a risk to review its menu to add more variety and organic products to it?



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