Greenpeace Says Barbie Is a Serial Killer

Greenpeace, which encourages public to heavily criticize big corporations (Nestlé and BP to name but a few) when they destroy nature for profit, is now taking action against Mattel, the world’s biggest producer of toys and the manufacturer of Barbie. The environmental organization is informing that the best couple of all time have split: Barbie and Ken are not together anymore because the iconic doll keeps on “wrapping herself in rainforest destruction and pushing endangered Sumatran tigers to the brink of extinction.” Still, there’s something to be done to fix it—people can choose their country from the list write to Mattel’s SEO now and ask to stop cutting forests in Indonesia for making paper packaging. Maybe, this will help and Ken will forgive his ruthless ex.

The organization is inviting people, who do care about environment and are sure that “creating the future of play, shouldn’t mean no future for rainforests,” to watch a video featuring Ken. During the interview, Barbie’s toy boyfriend finds out that she spent last weekend on shoot—no, it wasn’t a photo session, it was almost an actual shoot in the Indonesian rainforest, where the lovely doll was killing animals by hacking down trees in the area, which is home Sumatran tigers, orangutans and elephants—all that was done to get resources for cheaper packaging. On discovering that, Ken dumped the girl. Greenpeace also created a hub for the angry guy on its Facebook page, where everyone can learn about the tragedy of the iconic couple in the toy world.

For some more serious facts, environmental conscious consumers can visit the dedicated page, where Greenpeace investigate the links between the toy manufacturers and deforestation. “The toy sector uses a lot of glossy packaging. Forensic testing shows that the packaging used by leading toy brands regularly contains Indonesian rainforest fibre. Greenpeace International investigations have also established links between these brands and APP, the largest and most notorious pulp and paper company operating in Indonesia,” states the organization.

A while back, Barbie dolls starred in Nokia’s advert promoting the N8 Pink phone—the dolls were dancing to the Sugababes track ‘Freedo’ (maybe, just after they trashed another dozen of trees in Indonesia?).


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