Letting loose on fashion photography

What happens when you typically sign on a celebrity for your photo shoots?

1. An anal client cos youre spending way too much money.

2. An overworked advertiser making sure no mistakes are made and the best work comes through due to the cost of f*** ups.

3. The subject of your creative (the celebs) thinking its just another shoot.

So what can you do to make it somewhat different and add to the brand that you are building?

Vodafone has created for their Vodafone VIP a new ad that uses Jensen Button & Lewis Hamilton (F1 drivers) for their photoshoot, but what’s different is they get to decide what is shot and how. All they are given is the theme, the rest is up to them. More interesting than your average ad and even a great viral video that goes along with it.

The whole premise for Vodafone VIP is to give back a little something to the people. It’s about putting some of the power back into the hands of the people that make and shape a business.



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