Telecom Mobile: Smartphone Network

In a category that constantly seeks to show off the latest technological edge, Saatchi’s Auckland has instead focused on something far more simple and human in their launch spot forTelecomâs Smartphone range. The spot also heralds one of the first pieces of work new executive creative director Antonio Navas has his name attached to.

“This spot was about our belief that the growth in smartphones is not being driven by technology, but by something far more human: the very real and very deep human need for people to reach out and connect to the people and things that are most important to them,” says Kieren Cooney, chief marketing officer at Telecom. “The ad was a celebration of those everyday amazing moments of connection. It was also a recognition that in 2011 many of those moments are now happening via the screen of a smartphone, as we start to seamlessly use these little pocket-sized super-computers as a natural extension of ourselves, allowing us to share these emotionally-charged moments with anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

Saatchi & Saatchi’s chief executive Nicky Bell says Telecom’s communications at their best speak to what really matters to people: the importance of connecting with each other, and the team are proud of this latest piece of work.


Source: Best Ads on TV

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