MTV Networks Calls up People to Give a Shit

MTV Networks has launched quite a shocking social campaign calling up people to give a shit.

The attention-drawing foul words campaign is using scatological shock value to get people to care about issues like poverty, illiteracy, hurricanes and a number of other social problems just by clicking an icon on the Give-a-Shit website.

The site explains: “Well, we’re not offended by bad language. We’re offended by billions of people dying from lack of clean water. We’re offended by the rainforest being devastated by human greed. We’re offended by famine in Africa. So if we have to talk shit, then that’s what we’ll do.”

Using Dalai Lama’s words “If you have willpower, then you can change anything” as the website’s tagline, the campaign paraphrases it in a promotional video. The video features the Twilight actress Nikki Reed, who begins her monologue with a simple phrase: “I may be famous, but I actually give a shit.”

The site is aimed at the laziest of the lazy in getting them to take that first baby step toward action—a tweet—but really, it doesn’t help anything much at all. There are no links to give to charities, no way to sign up to volunteer, says Good.

It’s true: what happens if thousands or even millions of users click a virtual icon? The world won’t change after such finger movement. However, everything starts with words, the fact proven by quantum physics. That’s what Mrs. Reed is also saying in the video. And hopefully, MTV will support this campaign with real actions soon.

Other Give-a-Shit destinations which users can visit and actually do the asked are Facebookand Twitter.

A part of MTV Networks, MTV Music Group announced two days ago that the O Music Awards (OMAs) will return by the end of the year.



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