Trend Watching – October Trend Report – (RE)COMMERCE

Trend Watching has just released its October issue. Please find it attached and enjoy!


Here is a brief write up provided by them…

Looking at the myriad ways in which the consumer arena has moved beyond the ‘old’ model of consumption (brands produce, consumers buy), has been a regular feature in past Trend Briefings from GENERATION C(ASH) and C(ONTENT), to SELLSUMERS and OWNER-LESS.

Now, here’s yet another twist on consumers making the most of their assets and possessions:

(RE)COMMERCE | It’s never been easier for consumers to unlock the value in past purchases*. Novel brand buy-backs, exchange schemes, online platforms and mobile marketplaces offer smart and convenient options for consumers keen to ‘trade in to trade up’, alleviate financial strains (double dips, anyone?), and/or quell environmental and ethical concerns.

Indeed, (RE)COMMERCE is now increasingly affecting even consumers’ initial purchase decisions. Just as they do when buying a car or a home, consumers are factoring an item’s resale value into the cost of ownership for an ever-wider range of purchases.

Check out three drivers behind the (RE)COMMERCE phenomenon:

  • NEXTISM: Consumers will forever crave the new and exciting experiences promised by the ‘next’.
  • STATUSPHERE: The growing status boost that comes from being savvy and shopping (environmentally) responsibly.
  • EXCUSUMPTION: Cash-strapped consumers embracing creative solutions.
Source: Trend Watching

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