Nestea Is Encouraging the World to ‘Start of Something Different’

Soft drinks brands often inspire consumers to think out of the box and push their creativity further by motivating them to delve into a new experience. After you refresh your body, why not continue with refreshing your mind? Nestea launched the brand’s first-ever global integrated marketing campaign dubbed ‘The Start of Something Different’ to encourage people around the globe to embrace completely new ideas and open their hearts to new activities. To reach global audience, the brand used a range of social and interactive elements, created by Wieden+Kennedy.

The campaign, which was launched in Canada and select European countries in May, will roll out across Australia in November and will be started in other countries around the globe (where the product is sold) in 2012. The key idea of the marketing initiative is that no matter how old you are, the world responds to you if you are ready to start new endeavors—despite being quite dangerous, this may turn into something really huge and unforgettable.

The brand has released a hilarious light-hearted commercial revolving around this idea. The adverts features two people, a young guy and an elderly lady, who accidently met at the beach, spend a great day together, doing a great deal of extreme activities such as motorcycle riding, rooftop golfing and cliff diving. Nestea has also launched the ‘Start-o-Matic’ Facebook application, inviting users to create a ‘friend-ervention’ spot that would encourage their friends to embark on hilarious challenges they’ve never done in their life, but talked a lot about (in real world, not like it was with Lynx).

Photo: A snapshot from the ‘Start-o-Matic’ Facebook application

Nestea has also presented a series of vivid prints, created in collaboration with by illustratorsAlex Trochut, Cody Hudson and Supermundane.




Source: POPSOP

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