It’s nice when you come across something good

Don’t you hate it?

The moments when you look at work and you think to yourself, is it good or am I the only one who thinks it might be crap. If it doesn’t happen to you then it sure does happen to me.

I don’t think it’s wrong. We just get bombarded everyday with so an enormous amount of stimulus in the form of creative work from around the world that it can become hard to seperate what might be great somewhere else with what might be great where you are.

So from time to time it’s great to come across something that just feels so right. Nothing to overly complicated or flashy but something that you know that people will resonate with.

Enter Ikea’s Family Card, a loyalty programme for people in the UK and Ireland.

People would have recently received this nice looking DM.


But more than that is the benefits that members get. As it is people love the furniture from Ikea. Not only is designed to a decent standard but it’s affordable!

Now as a loyalty member you also receive the opportunity to purchase exclusive furniture that is only for members as well as:

  • Product offers
  • Ikea Family Live – A quaterly magazine that gives you exclusive home furnishing knowledge, tips and peeks into other member’s homes.
  • Restaurant offers – Who doesn’t love a good free cup of coffee.
  • Special local store offers
  • Invitation to events
  • Offers with other partnered Ikea stores.

The amount of immediate effects that you get is amazing. Loyalty programmes that just work on accumaltive effects are thinking too small.

In other words, if you’re into ice cream. Ditch the buy 8 get 1 free. Be a member and get a 2 free toppings I say.


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