Greypvine is a collaborative site with the aim of bringing together the latest news and trends from around the world on advertising and marketing.

It is a group effort by the creative community of Grey Singapore. Only the most interesting and exciting news is placed on this blog to keep everyone in the know.

What this blog can do for you?

Keep you in line with the latest news and offerings around the world. Find out about the latest design trends or the biggest and maddest campaigns. As a Grey Singapore initiative, all the information displayed comes from many sources around the world and not just from the Grey network.

It is an initiative to learn and to better understand the world we live in today and how effective advertising and marketing can be when it comes to building long-term brands.

Who contributes?

Creative, management, planning & even our fantastic kitchen ladies can contribute there’s a good idea to be shared.

If anyone in Grey Singapore would like to be part of the contributing team please email rishi.randhawa@grey.com.


The articles posted on this website comes from many different sources reposted or written by Grey Singapore staff. Ocassionally we feature our own work and share our thoughts in the ‘conversation’ section. It’s an easy way for us to inspire each other and exchange information publicly.

Given the nature of our blog, you’ll find a lot of work that was not created by us or for our clients. If you happen to think that we’ve overstepped our boundaries or infringed on any copyrighted materials, please let us know and we will remove the post immediately. Whenever possible, we openly link back to the source of the information.

We don’t publish any work in progress or confidential information about the brands and clients we work for. In fact, this is not a corporate Grey Singapore site. The opinions featured on the posts and/or the comments section are the sole responsibility of the authors and contributors. They do not necessarily represent the official point of view of the company.

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