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One of the best honesty experiments. NAB – The Honesty Experiment


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Car Company Awards The Worst Driver In Paris

In Paris, finding a parking space is difficult. When the people do find one, they’ll do whatever it takes to fit into the parking space.

To promote Ford’s Active Park Assist technology, ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Paris (that also created the Tic Tac flash mob) set out to find the worst driver to help him/her park his/her car effortlessly.

The agency installed a giant pinball over a free parking space, and programed the bumpers of the front and rear cars to react as pinball bumpers.

The more the drivers hit the bumper, the higher the score—the worse drivers they are.

Watch the video below to find out who ‘The Worst Driver’ was (was it a man or a woman?), and what he/she won:

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Push Button To Add Drama

Came across this crazy activation for TNT Belgium in Youtube. Thought you might like it, specially if you need more drama in life!

source : Youtube

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Intel on leveraging temptation to go viral

In less than a week, Intel’s latest online campaign by Australian agency The Monkeys, ‘Ultrabook Temptations’ has garnered over 1 million views across YouTube, Dailymotion and Metacafe.

The series of six videos portray ‘social experiments’ in a candid-camera style. Shot in Australia, Indonesia and Thailand the now-viral campaign showcases just how far passersby are willing to go to earn an ultrabook.

Watch all six videos here, it’s all tempting!







more info :,intel-on-leveraging-temptation-to-go-viral.aspx

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The Echo Temple – An interactive music experience

Thought this was something super and a great way to engage people in creating music and being part of it.

Well done Virgin Mobile.

Exert from Digital Buzz:

An Echo Temple? Yep, Kyocera teamed up with Virgin to create this amazing installation at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest, allowing users to play virtual instruments and create music by moving their body in front of motion-tracking cameras.

But it wasn’t just about body movement, you could use fans that had special (rather weird) symbols printed on them to help control the volume, pitch and unique audio effects as the cameras tracked them. The Echo Temple included six monolithic speaker towers for the party goers to play with, all circling around a huge subwoofer station. Very very cool. And with over 50,000 people at the event, the Echo Temple eventually became its own parry!

The installation’s technology combined Ableton Live, Cycling74 Max and ReacTIVision. Cameras in each tower were fed into embedded systems running a custom build of ReacTIVision which tracked both symbols as well as body movement and camera activity. This was all sent to MaxMSP, which in turn was used to transform the raw input into meaningful musical control information for Live.

Source: Digital Buzz

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The first bacteria inspired billboard

This is definitely the first billboard of its kind and I’m sure if most people thought about it they would give up at the thought of executing this.

Warner Bros. Pictures Canada created a unique one of a kind billboard to promote its latest film Contagion.

Check it out.

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Newcastle Brown Ale: Shadow Art Installation


Now this is a creative billboard!

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