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AirTime: Chat Roulette for Facebook – 2/5 rating

The latest venture from the Napster founders aims to bring a lil bit of excitement back into the world of social media. At a time when most people are facing some form of FOMO due to the lack of excitement currently happening online (quite sad really that we have to rely on others to create our own excitement) this couldn’t come at a better time.

Or so it seems.

While most people in Asia would have a hard time getting to grips with it, our western counterparts will surely enjoy and ravel in it just like Chat Roulette. However how long before it becomes another Chat Roulette?

The problem with ventures like these is that it is easy to replace as it is based on the idea of offering a sense of serendipity, but while talking to strangers to some is a nice thing, to most they prefer to keep their identities locked away and only opened for those that they know.

Just like how Chat Roulette became a place for indecent behaviour, where there is no enforcement and restrictions it will soon follow.

I give this a start-up rating of 2/5. Simply because I don’t see it scaling to the East and can be easily replaced by other ventures that offer an element of a social surprise.


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Copywriters VS Art Directors

Copywriters and art directors are supposed to work in tandem—but they both have different work styles and habits.From their choices in social media to their preferences in computers—they seem to draw a line that sets them apart from each other.Here is a set of illustrations taken from Copywriters versus Art Directors that illustrates their differences.

Do you think these illustrations truly represent the differences between copywriters and art directors?

Source : designtaxi, Facebook

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How Young Women Are Changing The Way We Speak

As to celebrate International Women’s Day today, I thought it would be great to share an article which proves on how women are actually change agents – even the excessively girly ones :

Spoken language changes fast, but who are the agents driving such rapid change? Recent linguistic research is pointing to young women as being very influential in this process and grapples with the question: how do these vocal trends make their way into the mainstream? How do they cross the gender boundaries to the point where it is now men who are more likely to say the word ‘like’ than women?

Recent projects, spearheaded by Stanford linguistics professor Penny EckertMark Liberman at University of Pennsylvania, Long Island University speech scientist Nassima Abdelli-Beruh, and professor Carmen Fought at Pitzer College, are proving the point that there is something deeper here than the merely surface assumption that young women who use certain vocal trends are ‘immature’ or ‘airheads.’

Carmen Fought told the NY Times that:

If women do something like uptalk or vocal fry, it’s immediately interpreted as insecure, emotional or even stupid. The truth is this: young women take linguistic features and use them as power tools for building relationships.

Research in this area looks at vocal trends driven by young woman like uptalk (where we pronounce statements as if they were questions), new slang, vocal flying (that raspy, croaking intonation that usually comes in at the end of a sentence), and of course, the use of the word ‘like.’ Professor Eckert asserts that:

A lot of these really flamboyant things you hear are cute, and girls are supposed to be cute. But they’re not just using them because they’re girls. They’re using them to achieve some kind of interactional and stylistic end.

In discerning the cultural drivers, general conclusions revolve around the idea that vocal trends double as social cues and help women navigate through social interactions. Other theorists see it as an empowerment tool, while others want to say that young women simply want to get away with speaking flamboyantly because they can. It’s not easy to discern because lowering one’s voice in a ‘vocal fry’, for example, can help the speaker sound more authoritative, but it can also express indifference.

However, the ability of these speech quirks to linger and get picked up by other segments of the population aside from women, demonstrates some type of deep-rooted  linguistic influence by women.

via PSFK

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The KPOP evolution in Singapore

Came across this great video that looks into how KPOP came about in Singapore and how its grown. Some very interesting finds such as seasonal trends in terms of when female and male artists are more dominant and how the group must have diversity in order to capture a larger audience.

Although slightly old it does still give anyone who doesn’t know much about KPOP some good background information.

All credit has to go to the makers of this that obviously spent hours and hours finding out about KPOP.

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Leverage, portfolio, fiduciaire – Johnnie Walker’s latest TVC

Powerful men talk about powerful stuff. Keep Walking.

And cmon. Don Johnson is in it.


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Is Google+ the next Facebook and more?

Generally, Google+ is still new in the market. Everyone wants to try something new and can’t resist joining the hype, especially since it was developed by the search engine giant – Google. Right now it is still too early to judge whether Google+ will denounce Facebook to be the king of social networks.

But with the learnings from Google Buzz (failure) and Facebook (success), we reckon there is a high chance Google+ will be the next social network of choice.


  • Google+ has the ingredients to become the next Facebook. This can be seen through the fact that it “mirrors” Facebook to a good extent by enabling users to post and share.

  • Google+ for business will be suitable for companies as well which is similar to Facebook.
    • Companies can use Google Offers to include special offers for their fans and customers followed by another upcoming tool known as “Google Catalog”.
    • No surprise that Google+ will find its way into being an integral channel to be used by companies to engage consumers and advertise their products.

Example of how Starbucks will looks like on Google Plus+

Below is the link for the upcoming apps from Google Catalogs:

  • Potential to be big in future with the advantage of having it sync with Gmail, as well as the best search engine in the world along with other features from Google.
  • With the new cool features “circles”, which provides better privacy, your conversations can be hidden from different groups of people.

  • A simple and user-friendly interface that allows consumers to easily adapt. The layout looks like a mind map with different ‘nodes’ that opens up to areas where users can interact with friends.
  • It may be a better option for the developers because of the speculation that  while “Facebook is now taking 30 percent cut of every game developer’s business”, Google, by contrast which brings in over $30 billion in revenue each year, could easily afford to let developers keep all the money they generate.
    • This coupled with the fact that Google also “has the fastest growing mobile distribution channel of any company (Android), would make for a very attractive platform for them to develop in.

Some of the features from Google+ that looks interesting and better than Facebook:

1. Google+ Hangouts:

Hangouts will let the unplanned meet-up come to the web for the first time. Let your buddies know you’re hanging out and see who drops by for a face to face chat.

2. Google Instant Upload

Instant Upload will let you upload your photos or videos instantly and automatically to a private album on Google+ and you need to do is select who to share them with.

3. Google Sparks

Sparks allows you to search for videos and articles that you like which you may want to share with your friends or other group of people in your circles. When you know other people’s interest in your circles, you can share related articles to them and they will surely appreciate it.

4. Google Huddle

Huddle is a good feature when a group of people need to make a decision to watch a movie or decide on a vacation place. Huddle will turn these conversations into one group chat and your guys can chat on the same page and make the final decisions.


  • Mandatory to have a Gmail account to register as a Google+ user.
  • Currently still in beta version, which lacking of features and apps to excite users.
  • According to Chitika study, traffic peaked on the 21st of July and has been declining since. This is most likely due to the end of initial rush of excitement. Thus, this is only a post-site launch and time will now tell if Google+ will truly be the next king.


  1. Quick look for Google Plus:
By Chrix, Chung Yu, Carryn, Shirley and Fahimah.

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Santa Takes A Vacation From Coke With Pepsi

Got to love it when brands outright slam each other in the FACE.

Most of us by now know why Santa wheres a red and white suit and black boots. Myth? Maybe.

But Pepsi has used this to their advantage creating a nice viral video.


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