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The Evolution of Books : Edible and Smokable

These books aren’t just regular books, they have literally transformed human’s everyday reading experience. An edible cook book and a smoke-able lyrics book? Yes, this is the era where you can pretty much consume EVERYthing.

Edible Cookbook That You Can Read, Cook And Serve . German design agency Korefe has created the first and only cookbook that you can read, cook and eat. This fun and innovative product has pages made from fresh pasta, which guide you through making a classic lasagne and prompt you to use the sheets as one of the ingredients.
Snoop Dogg’s Smokable Songbook
is a promotional item for his Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers created by San Francisco agency Pereira & O’Dell. Each perforated page of the book is a rolling paper with the rappers song lyrics written on them in non-toxic ink. The songbook is made out of hemp and the spine can be used to strike a match.

Source : PSFK, vimeo


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Michael Wolff – Is this a good time for creativity?


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Dr Edward de Bono at Cannes Lions 2011

A one on one between Dr. Edward De Bono and the crew at Cannes. He makes some really interesting statements about creativity in advertising with my favourite being “If you have a great idea and the Marketing Director isn’t prepared to recognise it then your’e wasting your time”.

A short and nice clip to start your day off.

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Malcolm McLaren: Authentic creativity vs. karaoke culture

About this talk

How does one find authentic creativity? In his last talk before passing away, Malcolm McLaren tells remarkable stories from his own life, from failing school to managing the Sex Pistols. He argues that we’re living in a karaoke culture, with false promises of instant success, and that messiness and failure are the key to true learning.

About Malcolm McLaren

A designer, promoter and recording artist, Malcom McLaren masterminded the punk-rock group the Sex Pistols, was an early mover in globalizing hip-hop, and made ambitious works of art. Full bio and more links


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