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How to best promote sustainability in fast food?

I recently watched an ad from Chipotle Mexican Grill that I think is beautifully crafted. But what gets me at the end is that regardless of it being sustainable I am still reminded of what…is going to happen to the animals and guilt sets in.

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So what is a good way to promote sustainability when it comes to fast food? Is it to show the animals and livestock as well looked after, or as the end product which is our beef patties and chicken drumsticks?

My own personal thoughts is that people regardless of how much they love their meat, they don’t want to get attached to the animal. They don’t mind getting attached to the product, but not the animal. Show me the fish fillet and tell me it’s from the open ocean and I’m happy. Show me the fish living in the ocean and then shipped off to the fast food chain and we have a different story.

This is by no mean a definitive answer but just a thought starter.


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Is Subway a hypocrite?

Subway’s “Eat Fresh” campaign is all very well and good, but fast food is fast food. Sure, you can order a six-inch turkey sub loaded with vegetables and no cheese or mayo with a side of apple slices. Or you can get a footlong tuna salad sub that has more fat than a Big Mac and fries. Which do most customers choose? Yet Subway’s latest ad slams burger chains for the unhealthiness of their food, showing kiddie pools full of burger grease.

Source:The Consumerist

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