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The Good Call Centre – Fosters

A nice campaign that interacts with you and your friends to keep the party going by calling them out.


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Customers are a brands kindred spirits

An interesting video from Cannes on YouTube highlights some key points about using Social Media but more importantly, how to use a brand to CONNECT with fans.

One of the questions asked by the presenter is “What happens when the human soul encounters kindred spirits?“. Deep but an interesting question none the less. When you think about the your potential customers in that light, you can’t help but feel energised to start building more meaningful communication platforms. You start to envision talking to a crowd that is actively looking for you and one that wants to be communicated to in a way that is enriching and beneficial to both parties.

Is time to get rid of the word “customers” and replace it with a more suitable word? Companion,¬†accomplice, crony??? Something that at the least makes it sound like the people are more important?

Facebook has done a good job by replacing it with “fans” that shows a more sensitive connection. What could it change too?

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