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The KPOP evolution in Singapore

Came across this great video that looks into how KPOP came about in Singapore and how its grown. Some very interesting finds such as seasonal trends in terms of when female and male artists are more dominant and how the group must have diversity in order to capture a larger audience.

Although slightly old it does still give anyone who doesn’t know much about KPOP some good background information.

All credit has to go to the makers of this that obviously spent hours and hours finding out about KPOP.


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The Echo Temple – An interactive music experience

Thought this was something super and a great way to engage people in creating music and being part of it.

Well done Virgin Mobile.

Exert from Digital Buzz:

An Echo Temple? Yep, Kyocera teamed up with Virgin to create this amazing installation at the Virgin Mobile FreeFest, allowing users to play virtual instruments and create music by moving their body in front of motion-tracking cameras.

But it wasn’t just about body movement, you could use fans that had special (rather weird) symbols printed on them to help control the volume, pitch and unique audio effects as the cameras tracked them. The Echo Temple included six monolithic speaker towers for the party goers to play with, all circling around a huge subwoofer station. Very very cool. And with over 50,000 people at the event, the Echo Temple eventually became its own parry!

The installation’s technology combined Ableton Live, Cycling74 Max and ReacTIVision. Cameras in each tower were fed into embedded systems running a custom build of ReacTIVision which tracked both symbols as well as body movement and camera activity. This was all sent to MaxMSP, which in turn was used to transform the raw input into meaningful musical control information for Live.

Source: Digital Buzz

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An interactive music experience

I just listened to Philips ‘Obsessed With Sound’ campaign. Yes, listened. That is because it’s an online interactive sound music experience that pushes the quality of sound products that Philips offers. Anyway we don’t need to know that, what’s important is the content and that makes you think of sound and the association anyway.

What is it? An award winning orchestra performing and the interactive website allows you to hone in on each individual musician to listen to their contribution. Altogether there are 52 different musicians ranging from rhythm/singers to the french horn and oboe.

Imagine if you had this kind of option when it comes to all the music you hear? You could tune out the rest of the band in the Chilli Peppers and just listen to Anthony Kiedis rock his vocals out.

Try it out for yourself.It doesn’t take long.



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