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So what’s the new iPhone all about?




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How has social network changed your life

Ambient Intimacy

  • Social media allows you to keep in touch with friends and families anytime, anywhere
  • It enables you to search for your long lost friends or relatives too.

 Child Literacy

  • Social media has helped children become more literate
  • Writing blogs, posts, status updates, text messages, instant messages and the like, all motivate children to read and write.
  • According to a survey with 3000 children, aged nine and sixteen, all had their own blogs and 82% sent text messages at least once a month. In addition, 73% used instant messaging services to chat online with friends.
  • Based on research, there is a strong correlation between kids using technology and wider patterns of reading and writing (Based BBC news).

Source: Mashable

Politics Reinvention

  • Social networks may be encouraging younger people to get involved in politics.
  • Examples:
    • Iran elections via twitter.
    • The Orange Revolution in Ukraine.
    • The Election of Barrack Obama
    • Nicole Seah’s pages that won a large following in a short time (Singapore Election)
    • The Prime Minister went online to chat and find out the views of Singaporean youths who want to be heard and play a part.
  • This shows that more and more people are getting involved in politics and are feeling they can make a difference. And all these have taken place via social network like Facebook and Twitter.

Marketing Flux

  • Marketing & Advertising transforms itself from an industry reliant on mass markets to one which must embrace the power of consumers and engage in conversations.
  • Consumers will be eager to look out for some of the latest promotions, upcoming products and etc.
  • Example:
    • The iPhone 5 has generated a lot of buzz since the beginning of the year
    • Mcdonalds Monopoly Campaign in Singapore

News as cultural currency

  • Traditionally we receive news via TV, radio and newspaper.
  • But with Social Network, the news are fresher and faster.
  • Friends on social media are increasingly becoming netizens trusted source of information, even more than search engine.
  • Example:
    • Japan – Tsunami. Able to find out all the updated news from Twitter, live coverage video from Facebook Page: CNN, and etc.
    • News about resignation of Steve Jobs.

Conversation starter about yourself

  • There is some joy sharing every single bit of your life with the world. For that moment of glory, the ‘world’ revolves around you.
  • Perhaps there is joy in creating a conversation starter exciting enough to garner comments as many as 20.
  • Some may think it boosts their ego to know that they are seen as opinion leaders, or that people ‘follow’ their posts closely because lives are probably far less interesting.
  • Or perhaps, it’s an avenue for one to rant to the world about how unfair one’s life has been, or to track where one has been.

Replacement of traditional communication

  • Social media has proliferated the functionality of smart mobile device
    • There is more usage for checking Facebook / Twitter than making phone calls, taking pictures and sending SMS put together.

People are less involved in physical world

  • Many people get caught up in the social media world such that they are not really involved in their surrounding or current physical situation
    • Countless experiences where different groups of friends and I have a meal together and we find that we happen to be on our phones, engaging in Facebook or Twitter instead of engaging with the current company

It is the new addiction

  • Alcohol, tobacco, drugs and now, social media
    • We must get our daily social media fix. Upon arrival in the office, during lunch breaks, or even throughout the day, we access our social media profiles
    • When on holiday, with little internet access, the smallest opportunity you get for free WIFI, will undoubtedly be used to access your social media profile. If that doesn’t sway you that social media is a new addiction, these figures might
  1. One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook (This number is calculated by dividing the planets 6.94 billion people by Facebook’s 750 million users)
  2. People spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
  3. Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site
  4. More than 250 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices
  5. More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook
  6. YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit every month (as of February 2011)
  7. YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month (These YouTube stats don’t include videos viewed on phones and embedded in websites)
  8. Users on YouTube spend a total of 2.9 billion hours per month (326,294 years)
  9. People upload 3,000 images to Flickr (the photo sharing social media site) every minute
  10. 190 million average Tweets per day occur on Twitter (May 2011)
  11. Google+ has more than 25 million users
The Growth of Social Media: An Infographic
Makes you love the friends you don’t have on your account and hate the ones you do
  • You remember a long lost friend affectionately and try to re-connect with him/her or you send an invite to people you’ve just me to stay connected
You see another side to friends through the posts they make and it changes your perception of them in a negative way.
By Chrix, Chung Yu, Carryn, Shirley and Fahimah

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Telstra rolls out new brand identity

Australia’s biggest telco rolls out a new brand identity to become more human.

It’s quite a shift but what I love about it is the relevance in today’s world. The shift from being traditional to a modern and lively player.

Very refreshing.

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An interactive music experience

I just listened to Philips ‘Obsessed With Sound’ campaign. Yes, listened. That is because it’s an online interactive sound music experience that pushes the quality of sound products that Philips offers. Anyway we don’t need to know that, what’s important is the content and that makes you think of sound and the association anyway.

What is it? An award winning orchestra performing and the interactive website allows you to hone in on each individual musician to listen to their contribution. Altogether there are 52 different musicians ranging from rhythm/singers to the french horn and oboe.

Imagine if you had this kind of option when it comes to all the music you hear? You could tune out the rest of the band in the Chilli Peppers and just listen to Anthony Kiedis rock his vocals out.

Try it out for yourself.It doesn’t take long.



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McDonald’s In the Process of $1-Billion+ Makeover

Following Burger King and other food service industry rivals, McDonald’s is getting a makeover for the first time in its 56-year history with the aim to get a contemporary look and lure in customers of more age categories, USAToday reports. The results of McMakeover can already be seen in several brand’s locations in Tampa, Florida. However, this is just a small piece of $1 billion-plus plan McDonald’s has in mind as it intends to renovate 14,000 restaurants across the United States by 2015.


Speaking of the renovation itself, the brand is saying good-bye to what is considered a classic McDonald’s look by changing both interior and exterior of a location.

As far as the restaurant exterior looks are concerned, McDonald’s is replacing its traditional bright red rooftops with darker, flatter and more conventional ones. The bright yellows and reds are giving way to muted, calmer colors, which is likely to appeal to grown-up audience. However, red and yellow are still used on some interior elements so that visitors will remember they’re staying in McDonald’s. To keep up with the growing demand, many locations are getting the second drive-through.


As for the interior of the restaurant, it’s getting more Starbucks-like, as puts it. Muted wall colors, metal stools are replaced with wooden and faux-leather chairs.


What’s more important, McDonald’s is dividing its dining areas to transform its interior space from a chaotic sea of tables and stools into a harmonically organized space consisting of several dining zones and booths to give a little privacy for the visitors who need to drink coffee and browse the Internet on their own. As any other modern-day restoraunt, McDonald’s offers free Wi-Fi and entertains visitors with music played from big flat-screen TVs.

While no exact figures have been announced to date to make any conclusions on the success of this undertaking, the customers are quite happy with the new looks of the restoraunt and admit McDonald’s looks cozier now. The question is, should the current McMakeover prove to be a success, will the brand take a risk to review its menu to add more variety and organic products to it?



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