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Something for all the runners out there

All you runners would have loved this.
Winner of a silver for Promo & Activation lions.

Bronze in Titanium & Integrated.

In line with Nike’s curent global campaign #makeitcount, Nike created an online auction site where instead of bidding money, you bid your Nike+ kms for exclusive products.

Not a bad way to demonstrate that their efforts have not been in vain.



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Nike+ Graffiti Challenge Case Study

Here is a nice campaign for Nike Running out of Amsterdam, leveraging the Nike+ mobile app in conjunction with a very cool Facebook app, designed to get youngsters back into running.

After identifying that youngsters think running is boring, Nike set out to make it a little more fun and socially rewarding. So they created a campaign called Nike Take Mokum, a social challenge that lets runners draw creative running routes over satellite maps through a Facebook app, before sending out challenges to friends to help complete them in the real world, through the Nike+ running app. (almost feels a little like the Nike Grid campaign)

As the teams of friends ran the actual routes, they turned into cool graffiti looking pieces of art on the Facebook app. The campaign looks to have been a solid success, with the page putting on just over 9,000 fans, having 220 unique runs created, with over 1,200 Nike+ km’s run during the 6 week campaign. The campaign was created by Boondoggle Amsterdam. (Via Mark on Adverblog)


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Before & After Ronaldo: Nike Soccer

The legend will continue even though the player has hung up his football boots. To bid him farewell, Nike created a tribute video for him. Nike as always, linking themselves to the legends of old and new.


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