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P P P P Power! – Old Spice

Watched this today morning and couldn’t help but laugh at the direction that Old Spice is going. Would it make me buy Old Spice? Probably not but I’m definitely going to spend an extra second looking at it when buying my deodorant because I like it.




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Is Old Spice not ‘new’ anymore?

After the huge Fabio vs Old Spice Guy debacle that went on has Old Spice lost its mojo?

We probably expected something better with the new ad but somehow this just didn’t hit any chords. Where is Isaiah Mustafa? He pretty much is Old Spice. They are pretty much inseparable now.

A brand should always be bigger than its celebrity counterpart and this is the danger that we are lectured on in advertising 101, “Be careful as your brand might be dwarfed by the celebrity”. Is this happening with Old Spice without Isaiah Mustafa?

Here is their new ad.




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