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Funneling through to magic

I first saw this approach with the Tom Hanks narrated Ipad 2 commercial. A peice of advertising brilliance because when you actually remove everything that is functional, you truly are left with something that our brains can’t comprehend…or atleast most of us can’t.

Now FedEx have done the same by making their mission look simpler.

To me it does make it simpler. Too many times have I seen the million messages in 1 campaign. It’s time we take out the fluff no one wants to hear and make the point clearer.



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How to best promote sustainability in fast food?

I recently watched an ad from Chipotle Mexican Grill that I think is beautifully crafted. But what gets me at the end is that regardless of it being sustainable I am still reminded of what…is going to happen to the animals and guilt sets in.

To watch it you can visit

So what is a good way to promote sustainability when it comes to fast food? Is it to show the animals and livestock as well looked after, or as the end product which is our beef patties and chicken drumsticks?

My own personal thoughts is that people regardless of how much they love their meat, they don’t want to get attached to the animal. They don’t mind getting attached to the product, but not the animal. Show me the fish fillet and tell me it’s from the open ocean and I’m happy. Show me the fish living in the ocean and then shipped off to the fast food chain and we have a different story.

This is by no mean a definitive answer but just a thought starter.

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