The Good Call Centre – Fosters

A nice campaign that interacts with you and your friends to keep the party going by calling them out.


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One of the best honesty experiments. NAB – The Honesty Experiment

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Something for all the runners out there

All you runners would have loved this.
Winner of a silver for Promo & Activation lions.

Bronze in Titanium & Integrated.

In line with Nike’s curent global campaign #makeitcount, Nike created an online auction site where instead of bidding money, you bid your Nike+ kms for exclusive products.

Not a bad way to demonstrate that their efforts have not been in vain.


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AirTime: Chat Roulette for Facebook – 2/5 rating

The latest venture from the Napster founders aims to bring a lil bit of excitement back into the world of social media. At a time when most people are facing some form of FOMO due to the lack of excitement currently happening online (quite sad really that we have to rely on others to create our own excitement) this couldn’t come at a better time.

Or so it seems.

While most people in Asia would have a hard time getting to grips with it, our western counterparts will surely enjoy and ravel in it just like Chat Roulette. However how long before it becomes another Chat Roulette?

The problem with ventures like these is that it is easy to replace as it is based on the idea of offering a sense of serendipity, but while talking to strangers to some is a nice thing, to most they prefer to keep their identities locked away and only opened for those that they know.

Just like how Chat Roulette became a place for indecent behaviour, where there is no enforcement and restrictions it will soon follow.

I give this a start-up rating of 2/5. Simply because I don’t see it scaling to the East and can be easily replaced by other ventures that offer an element of a social surprise.

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Copywriters VS Art Directors

Copywriters and art directors are supposed to work in tandem—but they both have different work styles and habits.From their choices in social media to their preferences in computers—they seem to draw a line that sets them apart from each other.Here is a set of illustrations taken from Copywriters versus Art Directors that illustrates their differences.

Do you think these illustrations truly represent the differences between copywriters and art directors?

Source : designtaxi, Facebook

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Dead Men Cooking – A Cookbook Hopefully Never be Served

A creative solution for death penalty advocacy brief. Raise my hat to Jung von Matt which really deserves the five years-in-a-row being agency of the year for the consistency on their juicy ideas.

Alive, a German organisation advocating for worldwide abolition of capital punishment, worked with Rocket & Wink and Jung von Matt to publish “Dead Men Walking”, a cookbook with dishes that will hopefully never be served. Inmates on death row in the United States were asked what they would want to eat on their last day. Forty of the recipes were then collected in one volume, which was sent to key decision-makers worldwide. The cover material is made from American prison clothes, closed by the kind of belt used on the electric chair.


The Dead Men Cooking project was developed at Jung von Matt, Hamburg (text and client service) and Rocket & Wink, Hamburg (design and illustration) by creative directors Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, Jan Rexhausen, Felix Fenz, copywriters Marc Freitag, David Wegener, Vicky Jacob-Ebbinghaus, Stefan Golde and Estelle Raschka, art director Alexander Norvilas, illustrators Alexander Rötterink, Reginald Wagner, Julika Dittmers, Adam Bunte, typographer Jule Dittmers.

Source : The Inspiration Room

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